Pangolier Dota 2

Về skill, Pangolier nên lên max cho mình 2 kỹ năng là Swashbuckle và Shield Crash, Shield Crash giúp cho Pangolier đi Offlane ổn hơn với khả năng giảm sát thương còn Swashbuckle dĩ nhiên là để ù té quyền đầu game/ăn creep khi cần. Heartpiercer chỉ cần lấy 1 điểm do nó luôn đưa giáp của nạn nhân về zero ở mọi level.

Based on his kit alone, Pangolier can be a force to be reckoned with in Dota 2, especially when he is played right. He can be quite mobile thanks to most of his skills, all of which allow him the ability to escape any death trap. What is more, his damage output is strong enough, even if you only have one damage-amplifier item activated.

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Pangolier is a hero that is mostly played as a position 3, although some people try to make the position 4 Pangolier work. In my opinion the support/roaming Pangolier is really underwhelming, so I’m going to focus on explaining how to play him as a pos 3 hero.

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